“We have been to all of the Elite Catcher Boot Camps.  Ron, Jill, Garrett, Alexa, Eddy & Greg always bring their best game!  They really know how to make you feel like you are part of a “family of catchers”.  We would recommend this camp to any catcher that is looking to advance their skills to the next level.”
Jason & Jack Brenner
3x ECBC Alumnus and DuraCatch™ Member
“Coach Brown and the DuraCatch program has positively impacted my son’s development.  Through the training, he was able to elevate his play as a catcher.  Brownie is an outstanding teacher and full of knowledge, not only as catcher, but also the college recruiting process and helped us as a family attain a lifelong goal for our son in committing Florida State University.  I cannot express enough gratitude for his influence on our son and I will recommend him and his program to all the catchers who want to elevate their game to the next level.”
Gineska Ordonez
Parent of Florida State University commit and member of DuraCatch™ program

“The FBR Catching Ranch is a tremendous, interactive resource that has rapidly improved my son’s catching skills.  The Ranch Instructors (Eddy and Greg) are uniquely qualified and incredible teachers of the game.  Their ability to relate to players of all levels, help them improve, while ingraining high level concepts of catching into their development sets them apart.  My son has developed as a catcher, a student of the game, and his overall work ethic due to the DuraCatch program.”
-Eric Wurtzebach
Parent of 11 year old member of DuraCatch™ program
“The Elite Catcher’s Boot Camp is by far the best catching development money you can spend.  The instruction is elite! The coaches are passionate about catching and just as passionate about the players.  The service at the camp is like nothing we have ever experienced as they treat you better than family.  The blocking and receiving aspects of the camp were my son’s favorite.  If you are serious about catching then this is a must!”
Gus Gardner
Parent of ECBC Alumnus and member of DuraCatch™ program
“As a parent of a college athlete, I can’t say enough thanks to Eddy for working with my son this summer. 
Eddy is very detailed oriented and very clear with his direction for his players. 
His passion sets him apart from other coaches we have worked with. His unbridled attention goes beyond professionalism. Being a catcher is a very demanding position for a baseball player.
My son is confident that his throwing, receiving and posture improved with Eddy’s coaching. I would highly recommend Eddy as a catching coach to all parents.” 
Toni Peluso 
Parent of ECBC Alumnus and member of DuraCatch™ program

Home of the Revolutionary DuraCatch™ & DuraHit™ Systems

The DuraCatch™ & DuraHit™ Training Systems stand as your all-inclusive gateway for mastering the art of catching and hitting. These platforms virtually bridge you with industry-leading professionals, ensuring your training is in capable hands. Our Customized systems are meticulously designed to unlock your ultimate potential as a player, no matter where on the globe you may be, facilitated by our advanced online training infrastructure. 

The DuraCatch™ Training System is more than just a training program; it’s a comprehensive platform that teaches the fundamentals and advanced techniques of catching in one place. Its unique approach, dubbed ‘The Pillars of Catching,’ provides an unparalleled depth of instruction, breaking down the art of catching into digestible, easy-to-master segments.

The DuraHit™ System is a revolutionary platform not just about providing high-quality hitting instructions remotely; it’s about crafting a personalized journey that respects every hitter’s unique pace and style. Each training module is meticulously designed to instill essential technical foundations, setting the stage for an exceptional hitting career.


“Ever since I was 9 years old I have sought out baseball mentors and advisors who could accelerate my growth and enhance my performance. In those 53 years and counting, I have been blessed to know a few dozen of the very best in the baseball universe. They represent the top 1-5 % of the teachers and trainers in their specific areas. It is actually quite factual to say that many of us are constantly in search of that top 1-5 % for many areas in our lives like medicine, law, money, health, education etc etc.  

When my wife and I began searching for an advanced mentor, coach, trainer for our son who was an elite catching athlete, we sorted through many.  And as with everything else, finding that elusive 1-5% was challenging.

Greg Brown and Eddy Rodríguez are much more than the top 1-5% in catching competency and expertise… they are world calibre human beings…. humble, empathetic, genuine, sincere and authentic.

It is a true honor and privilege to call them teammates, friends and partners.”

Ron  Wolforth
CEO Texas Baseball Ranch

“If you are not
willing to learn.
NO ONE can help you. 

If you are
Determined to learn.
NO ONE can stop you.”

–Zig Ziglar
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